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In the past, the promotion of smart homes was limited by the fact that each smart device needed separate apps, making it difficult to integrate them on the same platform. Now, we are providing the easiest way to enjoy a smart life. Introducing E-BOX by O+ SmartTech Corporation. This smart control system is an open platform that lets you connect all kinds of home appliances and AIoT end devices, and supports the voice control from Apple HomeKit, Google Home, and Amazon Alexa.

This solution is designed by factoring in the element of architectural space and combines air quality detection, smart monitoring (image recognition), smart community (software) and set-top boxes independently developed by Taiwan. It also provides options for terminal AIoT devices such as water heaters, robot vacuums, and exhaust hoods. You can implement customized solutions for a new construction or renovation project, allowing users to enjoy a smart life by easily controlling various scenarios and devices, such as lighting, curtains, audio, TV, air conditioning, and security protection system.

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The brains and brawn behind this ecosystem is O+ SmartTech, a subsidiary of Hocheng Corporation (HCG), a leader in sanitary wares and accessories in Taiwan. O+ SmartTech was founded in London in 2000 and eventually found its way back to Taipei. Our mission is to smartify our living environment. By introducing automated control technology in our living space, we have designed a human-centric E-BOX, a powerful IoT-driven system that meets the standards of professional building materials. What's more, it is compatible with the three major AIoT ecosystems—Apple HomeKit, Google Home, and Amazon Alexa—with one-click switching. You are just one voice activation away from all you need in one place. The seamless integration between products of different brands enables regular home appliances to be upgraded to smart home appliances. Heavy and light current systems, network and cloud systems are all connected to bring smart living into the building space and truly make smart technology a part of our lives!

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