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Taiwan has excelled in hardware and software capabilities with a strong presence and expertise in technology. What it lacks is a comprehensive integrated solution so that software and hardware can be bundled instead of working individually.

The 3D Operation Central Management System (3D-OCMS) by NADI System Corp. is precisely the core of the digital environment management ecosystem that tackles this pain point. 3D-OCMS is a management platform that integrates data, visualization and interactive technology to manage sensor devices and IoT applications on a 3D platform. Providing visualization, data collection, image analysis, and other management functions, it is designed to assist in the planning and design of project system applications and frameworks to enable space management with greater scalability and readability.

3D-OCMS can be used for the following scenarios: strata/zone building management, factory production line control, site environmental parameter control and energy efficiency control, personnel tracking and positioning, CCTV security monitoring, AR/VR import, data collection and analysis, and more. 3D-OCMS can perform near real-time simulation of the target, both visually and operationally, through the digital clone from the concept of digital twins. Administrators can intuitively manage and delegate commands for remote control in real time from thousands of miles away.

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The brains and brawn behind this ecosystem is NADI System. It uses the latest technology in response to urban development and management, infrastructure operation, industrial manufacturing, and energy storage, and comes up with smart environment management solutions. Taking an approach from the perspective of operation administrators, NADI System has created a centralized visual management and analysis platform by fusing IoT and digital twins. By effectively collecting a large amount of data from the overall environment and creating a digital clone of the sensing target using the digital twin model, a smart agent is at your service to assist with operation management.

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